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Aftermath: In the Wake of Murder

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Aftermath is a candid and thorough exploration of how people respond to violence as individuals and as a society. When violence strikes, it hurts more than the victim. Its horror splashes onto everyone. Cruel and violent acts of evil, like the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 or the countless murders that take place one by one everyday around the world, permanently alter the lives of those left behind to wade through the emotional, moral, and cognitive dissonance that murder evokes. Aftermath takes us through the horror, outrage, and grief of murder and inspires us to reach for the healing and growth that can evolve from profound tragedy.

Aftermath is not only for people who have lost loved ones to murder, it is for everyone. The United States has one of the highest homicide rates in the civilized world. Murder and violence have drastically changed the way we live, the way we think about safety and justice, the way we feel about human nature, and even the way we feel about ourselves. Violence is not just something that exists in some other world that never touches ours. We ALL internalize the violence of our society directly, indirectly, and vicariously. We live in a society that entertains itself with murder in books and on television, and covers it relentlessly in the news every day. Unfortunately, the reality of murder and the fiction of murder are often dangerously and painfully confused. Our society’s seemingly voyeuristic interest in murder speaks to the need people have to catharcize their feelings about the nightmare they hope will never touch their lives, and also their need to better understand and cope with this nightmare. Carrie Freitag addresses these needs with brash honesty offering fresh insight and inspiration to an inherently dark topic. Aftermath elicits profound coping strategies from the human response to violence and loss. The reader will leave this experience hugging their loved ones a little closer.

The thought provoking style of Aftermath encourages readers to question and thoroughly examine many fundamental aspects of our country’s system for handling crime, justice, and public safety. Readers are encouraged to persist in holding criminals accountable for their crimes and law enforcement professionals accountable for doing their jobs thoroughly and conscientiously. Issues of evil, cruelty, corruption, and indifference are confronted by building strength, compassion, righteousness, and involvement.

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